Ensuring your tires are properly inflated is key to getting the most out of your tires, improving your fuel economy, and staying safe out on the road. Tires being correctly inflated can provide improved and more responsive handling and a more comfortable ride balance. Car Pros Volkswagen of San Bernardino is ready to help you ensure your tires are in great shape as you drive into all of your fall travels. That’s why your local Volkswagen dealership in California wants to share some tips on how to properly check your tire pressure and inflate your tires. 

Proper tire inflation levels can be found by looking at the sticker on the driver-side door jam or in your owner’s manual. Using a tire pressure gauge is the best way to get the correct pounds per square inch (PSI) reading for your tires. If you find that you need to inflate your tires, it is recommended that you do so when the tires are cold, such as in the morning after your car has been sitting overnight. To properly check your tire pressure, you can follow the steps below: 

  1. Unscrew the cap from the stem valve

  2. Press the tire gauge against the valve stem, making a flat connection that seals completely

  3. Remove the gauge from the valve stem after the stick pops or the dial moves. If you hear air escaping, stop and reset the gauge before trying again

  4. Read the gauge to decide if the tire pressure is within the recommended range

  5. If your tire pressure is lower than recommended, inflate your tire with an air compressor

  6. After adding air, check your tire pressure using the gauge again to confirm the tire pressure is now within the recommended limits

  7. If your tire pressure is higher than the recommended range, release air from the tire. Many tire pressure gauges have a small bead or dot on the back that is designed to be pressed into the center of the valve stem to release air

  8. After having released some of the excess air, check your tire pressure again to figure out whether your tire needs more air added or removed from the tire

Do you need help with your vehicle’s tire care? The service professionals at your local Volkswagen dealership in San Bernardino, California are here to help our Moreno Valley, Pomona, and Riverside, California area customers keep your vehicle running smoothly. Visit Car Pros Volkswagen of San Bernardino today at 1600 S. Camino Real, San Bernardino, CA 92408 or call us at (909) 326-7735 to speak with one of our service technicians. Our service hours are Monday-Friday 7 AM-6 PM and Saturdays 8 AM-5 PM. You can also schedule your next service appointment online anytime. 
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