How to Protect Your Vehicle from Heat and Sun Damage in San Bernardino, CA

Summer is nearly here! It’s the perfect time to prepare for the summertime heat and keep your vehicle’s interior and exterior protected all season long. By completing a few maintenance services at the beginning of the summer, your vehicle can continue running smoothly. There are a variety of steps you can take to ensure your vehicle is in its best shape all summer, including:

  1. Regularly monitor fluid levels as when its hot, your car’s fluids can get used up more rapidly than under normal conditions

  2. Have your battery tested once or twice each summer as frequently a higher load is placed on your car’s battery from running systems, such as air conditioning

  3. During warmer months, there is usually more dust and debris circulating in the air. Getting your air filters checked can prevent your gas mileage from suffering and help prevent damage to your mass air flow sensor, which helps regulate the air and fuel levels in your engine

  4. While it may seem inconvenient to pull out reflectorized sun panels for your front and rear dashes, they greatly reduce the temperature inside your car. Additionally, sun panels help to reduce the bleaching effect of the sun on your vehicle’s interior surfaces and upholstery

  5. Perform monthly tire pressure checks to help prevent accidents and poor gas mileage. Doing this as early in the day as possible because this is when the temperatures are coolest and provide the most accurate pressure readings

  6. Try to opt for a shady parking spot when possible

  7. Regular cleaning of your vehicle’s interior can help prevent dust and hot sun from wreaking havoc by becoming caked onto your dash and other surfaces. Make sure to use cleaners designed for automotive use to avoid stains and unnecessarily drying out materials and risk cracking

  8. When exposed to summer temperatures, your exterior paint can suffer in the sun. Periodic washes keep your vehicle clean and dry thoroughly by hand with a soft cloth to prevent bits of minerals and grime don’t stick to the residual moisture after a rinse

  9. Apply a protective wax at least twice per year to seal in natural oils in exterior paint and provide a layer of protection from grime that can scratch the surface and the sun’s rays

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