Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Brake Pads in San Bernardino, CA

A car’s braking system is vital to vehicle safety, but is often easily overlooked. When you hit your brake pedal, a network of parts must work together in order for the brake system to function properly. Car Pros Volkswagen of San Bernardino wants to help you keep your vehicle in its best shape. Let our service experts help you drive into the fall weather with confidence. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, certain elements must be periodically replaced. Among those components, the ones that need to be switched out most often are your brake pads.

Most modern vehicles have a braking apparatus that is dependent on what are known as rotors on the front two wheels. Above the rotors are clamp-like devices called calipers. When you it your brake pedal, the calipers start to close, squeezing the rotors on both sides. This produces friction, causing the wheels to spin more slowly until they come to a complete stop. Brake pads are the removable surfaces that calipers use to make contact with the rotors during this process. As time passes, friction will wear the brake pads down. If these brake pads become too thin, your brakes won’t be as effective as possible.

Warning signs to keep an eye out for include:

  • Squealing or Screeching Noises - Most brake pads are manufactured with built-in wear indicators. These are metal tab located near the top of the typical brake pad, designed to emit a screeching noise to let drivers know the brake pads have worn down and need replacing.

  • Hearing Clicking Noises - In many vehicles, brake pads are kept steady with clips, bolts, pins, or a special holding device designed to keep the pads from wobbling. If they become loosened somehow, they’ll begin to rattle, resulting ina clicking sound whenever the brake pedal is pressed or released.

  • Brake Fade - Bringing the car to a stop takes more time than it used to. This is often the result of applying brakes over long distances without stopping due to mountainous or hilly terrain.

  • Pulling to One Side - The nose of your car pulls to one side when braking due to your brake pads not wearing the same rate. Note this may be caused by other issues, such as uneven tire pressure, faulty wheel bearings, or malfunctioning brake calipers.

  • Brake Pedal Vibrations - Brake pads are typically held together with with a binding resin, which gets hot and smears across the rotor over time. If the pads get overheated, the resin may not be distributed uniformly over the disc’s surface. This issue is often called glazing. If the brake pedal vibrates when pressed, the pedal cannot be trusted and should be addressed by a professional immediately.

If you are looking to have your brake pads evaluated, come by and visit Car Pros Volkswagen of San Bernardino at 1600 Cam Real, San Bernardino, CA 92408 or give us a call at (909) 380-8030 to schedule your service appointment today. Our service department is open Monday-Friday 7 AM-6 PM and Saturdays 8 AM-5 PM. You can also schedule your service appointment online anytime.
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