The Importance of Oil Changes in San Bernardino, CA

Regular oil changes are vital to your Volkswagen’s engine health. Before hitting the road for your next summertime adventure, find out the benefits of regular oil changes and keep your vehicle running at its best. Keeping an eye on your vehicle’s oil level is an important part of your vehicle maintenance as oil aids in engine lubrication as well as providing a number of other important functions.

Well-maintained, clean oil prevents too much friction and overheating of the engine. Dirt particles can have a deadly effects on your engine. Over time, dirt can cause corrosion and decrease the life of your engine. As time goes on, oil breaks down and turns to sludge. Decreased engine lubrication can lead to increased fuel consumption, and robs a vehicle of fuel economy, power, and makes internal components work harder. An engine made to work too hard will have more problems down the road as well as a shorter life span. However, routine oil and filter changes help remove particles and sludge.

It is recommended that you should check your oil levels once per month and your oil should be changes every 3,000-7,000 miles, depending on a number of driving conditions. If you find that you are regularly using your vehicle for towing, driving for extended periods at high altitudes, live in an area with extreme heat, or drive through dusty areas, more frequent oil changes may be in order. Driving styles that include rapid acceleration and deceleration also require more frequent oil changes.

Beyond mileage, other ways to know your vehicle is in need of an oil change are:

  • “Check Engine” or “Check Oil” light comes on

  • Engine has become noisy or jumpy

  • Oil has turned black

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